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Since I bought my car several weeks ago I've had what sounded like a dangerous clatter from the valve cover. Since I haven't had it checked by an MB tech yet I've been fearing the worst. After reading about DP here I thought that I ought to give that a try before I go any further. So I ordered two cans from the Mercedesshop and had some time to try it this weekend.

I followed the instructions on the can and ran it through in and out. My 16 wheel driving brother-in-law was helping out and he put his big screwdriver on the valve cover to try and hear which cylinder was making all the racket. You should have seen the suprised look on his face as the noise simply vanished about 30 sec into the proceedure. I couldn't believe it myself.

This stuff realy did what it claims it will do.

'87 300TD Turbo
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