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As part of a recent repair in the aftermath of a middling-serious fender bender, I had the body shop replace my DOT-Spec lights and wiper with euro-spec fixtures and lenses. There are small fixtures under the main H-4 lamp (I got 90/110W bulbs)that I presume are the fabled "city lights". There's a grey power lead going off from the small fixture to a cluster of wires leading into the main fixture. My meter says no power is present at this lead under any light switch setting. BTW, mechanical adjustments, but no vacuum gizzies present.

What bulb do these city lights take? I've heard 5W for size , but not the part number. Is there a wiring diagram anywhere around? The vendor was friendly, but unable to produce a diagram.

The car is an '87 300SDL 126.125.

Your thoughts, guys....

Tom Kanis
Cincinnati, OH
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