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It gets to -20 in Vermont

Thanks dieselmania for the info from Opti-Lube. There's a good discussion of the issues at their site, but I can't find it now (should've bookmarked it when I was there). I looked at it last week and a couple of points seemed relevant.

For anti-gel additive to work the fuel needs to be above the cloud point which is why you are supposed to add the stuff as you fuel, i.e., not just to mix it. Presumably, the fuel coming out of the tank is not at a temp below the cloud point. I also think I discerned that the additive has to be relatively warm, like not below zero or probably below +10F. I had been keeping mine in the trunk, and it was much colder there. I also did not want to stand out in blowing cold when I fueled, so I waited 'till I got home. Tank was undoubtedly below cloud point by then.

There's been a lot of frozen up diesels around here this winter, so maybe something's going on with the fuel. I have driven MB diesels for 30+ years and they've responded well to anti-gel. I had block heaters on them all. This is my first CDI. I looked to install a block heater right off, but there is no provision for one and I see why, as the motor started in the first couple of revs and ran for 30 secs or so at -20.
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