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Has anyone swapped their 126 lights with Euro ones? I just received my lights (no connectors came with the lights) and I'm trying to figure out what I need to buy to make these work. From reading the archives, I see that a 6-pin connector is needed and I know how to hook it up, but what parts do I need to buy?

Here are the part numbers I have been told will be needed:

003-545-26-26 plug socket
009-545-20-28 socket
006-545-78-28 cover

I understand the socket and cover items (I need one of each for each headlight). What is the "plug socket" and how many do I need? I looked at my existing connector and see the "socket & cover" part, but what is a plug socket and where does it go?

Thanks for any help you can provide.. I have these lights sitting in a box and am dying to put them in ASAP!


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