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The operative word there is CAREFULLY. I just recovered the seats in my 83' 500sl. In my case it didn't matter because I had purchased new seat backs, but it was impossible to get mine off without destroying the leather. The seatbacks were probably never removed so they had been in place for 17 years. In some places the leather tore and remained stuck to the metal channel. If you can find some flat, blunt object (Maybe a plastic putty knife) that you can try to insert between the leather and the channel. Start at the bottom and insert and remove, don't try to slide it up the channel. I don't know what the seats look like in your car, but in mine the back panel inserts into a channel on each side and into two clips at the top. If after loosening the leather you can get the panel slid down out of the clips you can then carefully bend the panel in the middle to remove one side then the other.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

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