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1988 420SEL Preventative Maintenance

As of Thursday, I will be picking up an '87 420SEL. I am thrilled to own what I believe to be one of the best MBs ever made. The car has 135k miles on it and has not had a new timing chain and chain rails performed, yet. I want to do this, ASAP, and I was curious does anyone know what is the approximate going rate for new chains and rails for the 4.2L ?? I cant get in touch with my indy mechanic for the next 2 days, but want to get the cash ready.

Also, knowing very little about the 126 chassis; can anyone give model-specific recommendations for what preventative maintenance I should do now to make this car into a nice reliable daily driver.


'83 300D 398k miles
'85 190E 2.3 152k miles (sitting in the junkyard after dying for me last week in a head-on collision).
'87 420SEL 135k miles (coming this week)
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