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Spring link; mounts interchangeability

1. Working on the rear end of an 87 190E 2.3, R/R a lot of things back there, currently on the spring link rubber mounts (201 352 36 65) it's being a bear to install new ones, I even got the special tool (201 589 03 43 00), and the sliding fluid (000 989 14 60) the problem is aligning this rubber mount, I keep going back and forth to get it into the right position and by that time it's a little deformed in some sort of way because of this alignment procedure.

2. My question is interchangeability I also have a pair of rubber mounts (202 352 01 65) for the spring links going on a 88 260E it seems like a different design to prevent what is happening above, it is incased in a short metal tube (exactly same length as the part goes into). Will these go well or even recommended on the 190's?

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