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I'm wondering what possible culprits in A/C may be?- -Had opportunity to travel in 90-100 degreee heat this weekend. 1994 E320 Coupe Starmark @ 81K miles sat in sun all day. I placed A/C on max (click with wheel) &/ "Auto" fan button depressed, drove about 10 blocks in 5mph stop and go traffic and observed that air through ducts was barely cold (all windows & sunroof closed, recirc. air button not depressed) . I got through traffic in about 20 minutes and proceeded to freeway speed. Once up to 35-40mph+ speed, I observed air through the vents got chilly cold. Any ideas on possible culprits? I also observed that the engine temp stayed at the 100 degree level in stop and go traffic without the aux fans coming on. Is this abnormal also? Thanks in advance for your insights.

94 E320 Coupe
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