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Yeah, I started yesterday working on her. The suspension is tip-top(one of the things I can do without technical assistance) and she handles like a dream. You turn the wheel, you better be sure that is where you wanted to go! Holds corners better than any sedan I've ever driven(guy before me beefed up the suspension sway bars and put on new springs and the like). The engine runs fairly well, but it is tuned out of spec I think, and I'm not really that sure how to bring it back in. I already removed the stack block thing, so that I can use the 3mm allen to adjust fuel, but until I know how to proceed, I will leave off temporarily. I plan on replacing the cam(and if necessary the rocker arms) this summer, and the chain as well(though it only has 30k on it). I figure since I have 200k on it, it might be time to replace the injectors as well .

Replaced the tranny filter and refilled yesterday, had two instances where it wouldn't shift upward in gears but didn't happen since(maybe air in the system?). If it weren't for the auto tranny, she would be so much quicker. Plenty of power, but automatic just eats it up. Planning on changing out the rear end gearing if there is a choice, the gearing is too low for my tastes, I like highway travel, and don't care for speed starts.
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