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Throttle Body Questions - W201 16 Valve


I removed the air flow meter on my 190 16V as the potentiometer has died. Looking at the throttle body, the plate appears to be sticking. There looks like a idle screw to the RHS of the throttle body but I'm not sure if that's what it is.

At the moment, the throttle plate is closing completely shut and takes a little bit of force to open with the linkage, it "snaps" open - I imagine the operation should be completely smooth? It looks like there is a slight groove worn in the throttle body. I suppose I have to replace this as well?

Finally where should the "idle screw" be set to? The plate closes completely on my car at the moment. Should it be slightly open? There are two tiny holes machined into the body I guess for vacumn takeoff, should the plate be below these holes and completely shut, or slightly open like a carburettor? Is there some sort of calibration procedure? I can't find it on the CD Rom.

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