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Originally posted by Benz84
Thanks for your reply! As far as damage to from the chain breaking, how much damage do you think could have been done? I had been driving it for about 2 months with the chain making noise. I wasn't driving at a very high speed at all when the chain broke. I was going about 15mph and the break occured between a shift from first to second gear. I shut the car down immediately once the chain broke. Do you think that would have done a lot of damage since the chain broke at such low speed? Please let me know...thanks a lot.

Well, if the engine wasn't revved too high, and you're incredibly lucky, you may get away with a couple bent valves. But you will need to tear it apart and find out. It shouldn't be too bad. I've seen the engines destroyed, though I've only changed head gaskets in one and it was relatively a minorly damaged one.
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