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I checked the pads on all my brakes, trying to size up the situation before plunging ahead. Learned that the rear brakes do not have sensors. Although the brake wear light comes on more often now, I can see, as Larry said, there is still pad wear left. In looking at the front pads, there appear to be thin metal shims between the caliper and the back of the pads. I assume just reassemble everything in the same way with the new pads? The service history I have is new front rotors, pads and rear pads at 94m. New front pads again at 104m and the odometer is now 119m. Rear rotors are barely worn. The brakes work perfectly now, but in looking at one of the front rotors, there is an "alley-oop" going from the edge to the center of the disc. Sort of a high spot then dropping lower, definitely not flat. I would guess if this alley-oop was in the other direction, then you would get shimmy and pulsating brakes. The wear on the rotor is modest overall but would new pads work on this rotor or should the rotor be turned or replaced also?

Should I check the front bearings also while I am doing this? What is the best way to pull off the grease cap?

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1991 300CE
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