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Originally Posted by rreeuuvveenn View Post
I do tend to agree with Ah-Kay,

The car drives like lion, love 70-80 MPH, climbs hill,

Turbo 12 psi,

No loss of coolant.

Filled the coolant tank, till the top, NO bubbles, no change in coolant level,

While engine is idling,

The pressure in the cylinders is almost 2000 psi,

So why should push 100 psi, down the injectors, to see bubbles,

Still hard radiator hose in the morning,

Might go tomorrow to a shop with combustion sniffer,

Live and learn,

Thanks for your kind support,
The difference with a leak down test is, motion.

If the engine is running, the water pump is altering the flow, obscuring any air leakage, unless the gasket is totally blown.

A leak down test is with a stable slow air test, and minute fluid changes.
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