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In my case (1987 300TD with OM603 engine), I sent a sample of used engine oil for lab analysis, and they reported the presence of coolant in the engine oil. I immediately decided to replace the head. In retrospect, I could have driven the car for probably several more years before replacing the head. I was not loosing or using any coolant, and did not have a hard upper radiator hose in the a.m.

Note that after I got a good head installed (second try, what a pain) I had a pressurized upper radiator hose in the mornings. I was sad.

I kept driving the car. I drove it hard. I pulled a trailer from Charleston SC up to NC, in the mountains, bought a load of oak flooring, and hauled that back. In July. Mountains, and then long highway run. Engine temp climbed above 100 deg C and stayed between 100 and 115 for most of that ten hour day.

After that, no more hard radiator hose in the morning. I think the new head gasket was not sealing, but the long hard HOT "break-in" properly seated and sealed up the head gasket. That was about 40 or 50k miles ago, still going strong.
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