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Originally Posted by Mt2385 View Post
I have a 1974 w115 240D, speed manual, that I bought already swapped with a N/A om617. I also have an om617.950 (so turbo but non egr) sitting in my garage, that i want to put in for more power. I am aware of the turbo clearance issue which I can resolve with some frabrication and the oil filter housing issue which is also resolvable. Am I correct in thinking that it should be a direct fit as far as transmission and motor mounts go? Any other issues that could pop up?
If you need a bolt-on solution, I pulled an early NA W115 non-EGR exhaust manifold with a cast iron aftermarket turbo adapter (with a pyrometer port in it...pre-turbo).
The PO had turned his NA OM617 into a turbo with a bolt-on kit and then reverted back to NA by gutting the turbine housiing and installing a cast iron blocking plate with a huge V-band.

If you were to use it (with either of your motors), your downpipe would need still to be modifiied, but the turbo would tuck in neatly in the W115 engine bay.

Here is a post with photos.
Early OM617 T4 adapter
I have removed the gutted turbine housing and returned it (and the downpipe with downpipe-to-turbo flange) for a store credit at PNP.

Send me a PM if you are interested.
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