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Chuck, where did you get a quote of $75 for 8? Everywhere I have looked has them for around $30 each. That is the only reason I have not replaced mine....cost. Close to $300 with everything. Also, didn't they use steel injectors certain years? Isn't another reason to replace them is to change to brass?

From researching looks like before changing injectors it would be wise to get all the crap out of the fuel system that is making them dirty in the first place. I've read about rusty fuel lines. Would it be smart to have the gas tank flushed (I'm sure there's lots of crap in there) and replace the fuel lines before changing injectors?

Also, would it be possible to install a small inline fuel filter closer to the engine to prevent crap that the main filter missed (or it originated after the filter like the rusty fuel lines) from getting in your system?
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