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I don't know about the blower regulator, but the rotors on your car will wear entirely acording to your driving habits. If you drive mostly in the city and accelerate hard from each light and hit the brakes hard to stop you for the next light (in that car who would blame you) your brakes will wear 10 times faster than if you drive entirely on the highway. I would say that 50,000 miles is a rough estimate of wear. It also depends on your dealer's idea of enough wear to justify replacement. Some places want to replace your brakes when you have 50% of the rotor left, other's will let it go 25-30%. In your high performance car, I would want all the stopping power I could get, and to be honest $1000 for new rotors all around on that beautiful peice of machinery you pilot sounds fair.

Replacing the strut bushings will also be worth it. Many people underestimate the importance of these parts.

Jason Priest
1986 420SEL
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