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When I removed the battery from the tray, the tray looked new...I actually didn't see any corrosion...the OE battery which I replaced also looked brand new...other than a bit of dust, there was no corrosion or anything...I am quite impressed...I hope the Interstate battery will perform better, or at least the same as the OE battery...

What was odd was that my car was bought brand new August of 1995, and the battery was changed March of 1999. The battery was changed because the battery light on the dash came, it has been four years since the last battery change...I actually bought the Interstate by accident, because I thought my battery was dead...but instead, the problem was with the starter (gone at 46,700km...what a joke...nice engineering Mercedes)...should I just keep the Interstate, and recycle the old OE battery? My friend brought me over to a shop with my original OE batter and used this digital tester on it, it was still crankin' out about 850CCA...still runnin' strong...did I replace it a little too prematurely?
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