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From the bottom to the top.On the bottom,pop out the courtesy lamp & unplug it.Next is the door handle.I believe you already removed the two large screws holding the bottom of the handle, if not remove them now and then the trim ring at the latch which I think you also already removed.Now if you look carefully at the inner handle for the latch it should have a black plastic insert behind it.You have to pop this out with a small screwdriver or pick.After this you should see a small phillips head screw holding the handle trim on, remove it and pull the trim ring out slightly.Now you should be able to remove the window switch. You should also see a bolt or screw holding the top of the door handle to the door frame. remove this and the handle and trim ring should come off.Unscrew the door lock knob.There may be a leather covered trim piece above the door panel running up the back of the door(behind the window)held on by two small screws.If so remove it. I think thats all.Now try lifting the door panel up.Sometimes they are a little tight at the top where they are in the window felt.GOOD LUCK and hope this helps.
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