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Talking a thank you

I just wanted to thank everyone for the help in curing my idle problems. It turned out the previous owner decided to mess with some base settings in the system. After finding a broken wire in the td signal feed from the ign. module, the car would stay at idle. It did however idle fast at about 1200 rpm. After replacing the idle control valve, the EHA, and the temp. sender the car ran alot smoother but still idled high(1000 rpm). I then decided to rebuild and clean the entire injection system. Upon doing this I found the butterfly flap in the lower chamber had the flap stop adjusted incorrectly. After readjustment of this and the mixture the car runs like a dream. Thanks to the input I got here and the patience of my wife not seeing me because I was in the garage I was able to save a ton of money by not taking the car to the dealer, and can once again enjoy this fabulous car. MANY THANKS TO ALL !!!
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