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Thumbs up success !!!

thanks for the input, my result was very successfull.

as i said, this was on a bike (V-4), alum pan, small and flat. this was necessary due to PO stripping drain plug thread and helicoil finally failing.

anyway... the pan gasket was still attached to the pan very well and was in good shape. so i cleaned the block surface VERY well and then "scuffed" the gasket to a uniform roughness before installing without any goop of any kind.

filled with fresh oil (semi synth) and checked for leaks... none
started engine, ran untill warm, still no leaks
couple of laps of subdivision, close inspection, still no leaks :p

i am going to post my solution to the drain plug solution as well in seperate thread. it was also very sucessfull and cheap.

thanks again. - benton
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