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The A/C on my 78 300 SD would blow 42 degrees in the AM and the PM. But when the temp rises to 97-103 in Houston, Texas the
best my system would blow was 50-58 degrees.
I wanted more out of my system.. As I read previous postings about A/C recharging, I noticed an interesting posting that advised using a large shop fan to lower the condensor temp as R-12 is added...I don't own a large shop fan so I improvised, I placed Two- Ten pound bags of ice against the condensor and then placed Two house fans blowing across the ice as I shot the R-12. The results were incredible !! AM and PM temp is between 37 and 41 degrees, the temp in the heat of the 97-103 degree Texas days, is between 42 and 44.... Those few degrees make a world of difference....GUYS, THIS IS A TRUE STORY....

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