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Hi John,

The fuses were just very easy and cheap. I checked mine and they looked original or at least very old. Also with the 'torpedo' fuses they can often be blown even if they look fine. Several disintegrated as soon as I removed them. It cost $15 and took 15 minutes to do them all. It brought my car back to life, lots of little things that 'sort of' worked suddenly worked perfectly again.

Voltage regulator just screws into the back of your alternator with two screws, just remember to disconnect your battery first.

Monovalve is described well here:

Idler arm is also easy but requires lifting the car and working on your back for 30 minutes. Made a terrific improvement in handling on the freeway. Its well illustrated in the CD's.

Everyone will tell you to do searches, most of these topics have been discussed at great length. Hope that helps, I'm still figuring allot out myself.

Good luck!
1988 420SEL 170K
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