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300e Very Rough Start, Dies HELP PLEASE

Hi all,
Well, here is the problem du jour with my 87 300e. It has had a rough start when warm for the past few months, on and off. This means that the engine starts up clattery and rough, vibrating the car, but only occasionally. But today, it seems the problem worstened. The car started, got to idle, then would drop in idle speed way low, quite below 400. It made a loud rough hissing noise as doing so. Then the idle came back up. After a few starts, I found that sometimes it will drop and die, but mostly it drops and goes back up, up to 4 or 5 times in succession. I am concerned to say the least, especially about the noise and its implications. I've searched the archives and it seems full of people saying its the OVP, and then those with the problem saying changing the OVP did nothing. Can anyone help???????
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