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S- 320 Strange shifting

My 1997 S-320 is shifting oddly. When it comes out of second gear it seems to revv up and then catch the gear, almost as if it's slipping. However, none of the other gears are slipping or have any strange syptoms. Everything is fine- except the slight over reve (about 300 rpm) before slipping into gear. Furthermore, the tranny shifts into drive, but not the side slot. AS many of you know the 1997 model years Mercedes' were equipped with the new driver adaptive tranny's, which go from P-R-N-D and then slide to the left for 4D-3-2-1.

Does anyone have any suggestions. Could my tranny be bad, needing a dreaded replacement.

Also, the other day Iwas driving in some rain and after getting out of my car, I left the windshield wipers in the on posiion. Through the night it snowed. The next morning I turn the ignition on and the wipers want to move, but before I turn them off I hear a slight snaping sound. This seemed to cause the wipers to cease functioning. I hear the motor running, but the blades aren't moving. Suggestions.
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