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Re: Miss' Behavin'

Originally posted by bender
Well I'm back with another question... My wife was returning from work, about a 15 min run on the highway (she's got a lead foot so it was prob more like 10 min at 90 mph ) She came to a full stop after the exit and accelerated onto the main street. The car would not shift out of 1st gear for about 1.5 miles. She kept the car at about 10 mph with the hazard lights on. Then it began shifting normally and has not done it since. This was about 5 days ago.

I will be bringing it to the dealer for inspection since it is under warranty. Does anyone have any experience with a similar problem?

Mine did the exact same thing(not shifting out of gear) just last week. It was after I changed the transmission filter, gasket, and blew out the lines. Works fine now, I guess just had a glitch. But two instances of different nature with the same tranny in a week, I would take it in and have them thoroughly check it.
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