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I am noticing more problems with the battery fitment...taking into account of some of the workarounds suggested, I went to the local autoparts store and found the battery quick disconnect that was suggested...this will not work...although it extends the cable longer, it does not compensate for the 3/4" height difference between the Interstate and the OE battery...the extension is not is a solid actually makes the problem worse...

Second, with the plywood in place, I notice that the plate that locks down the foot of the battery to the bottom of the well can no longer be secured properly...basically, the plywood, although bringing the battery to perfect height so that the terminal slips right in, makes the feet higher...and the plate was designed so that the side that is secured down to the well by the nut is sitting flush with the bottom...with the feet higher by 3/4"...that is no longer possible...and the nut is not secured very well the battery has a tendency to move around...even just pushing on it with my is not secure...and I am afraid sudden braking, cornering, etc. would cause the battery to move or maybe become dislodged...and the terminals on the battery be the event of an would be even worse...

I simply cannot find a solution...the shop I bought the battery from said NO RETURN...which is ridiculous...I researched on Interstate and found that THIS battery WAS the one for the 1995 E420, and it seems for every Mercedes-Benz...I called into Interstate to double check...does nobody with this battery notice a problem with fitment?!?!? I don't understand their policy for no return...I mean, they designed a battery for a car, it doesn't fit...why don't I have the right to return it? I mean, it is not as if I was tryin' to fit an Optima battery that is not recommended into my car...I am not tryin' to do anything fancy...I am just lookin' for an OE battery for my car...which Interstate says WILL fit...ugh...
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