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Originally posted by ctaylor738
The clips simply tension the fitting to prevent vibration and movement.

Clean the area and fittings with carb cleaner to remove as much dirt as you can.

I think you need a 12mm flare nut wrench to turn the nut and a 13 or 14mm wrench to hold the flexible line. When the flex line is free, pull it away and plug the tubing with a tapered plug or a cap.

Then unscrew the flex line from the caliper. Install the new line on the caliper. Run it up to the upper fitting, pull the plug out and swiftly connect the flex hose to the fixed line.

Top up the resevoir and repeat for the other hoses.

Bleed the brakes to eliminate are in the lines or calipers.

Use a large pan under the wheel area to cause the inevitable drips.
Modify that to REPLACE your brake fluid(might as well do it while you have it that far apart eh?).
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