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Well, I do not yet know if the insurance company is going to take care of this one, but I did find out what happened.

The wheel bearing failed, pushing some suspension part into the brake system, ruining the caliper, rotor and pads. The dealership quoted me $900 to replace everything. I can't believe it.

Wheel bearings just don't "fail," do they?

I called the body shop that did the work from my accident, and I had asked them if they checked the front suspension for problems when they had it, and their response was, "No. It was a soft animal hit (deer), so there was no need to."

What in the HOCKEY STICKS does that mean?? I thought that when you get into an accident, the ENTIRE car is inspected to be sure that there are no problems that would sneak up later.

I'm not sure how body shops work. Does the insurance person do all of the inspecting and then tell the body shop what's wrong, or should the body shop do their own inspection?

I really feel like I should not have to pay this repair bill. It wasn't my fault that these darn things failed, and it's pretty obvious to me that the accident had a factor in all of this.

If I don't get the answer I'm looking for, I may go and talk to a lawyer. I just don't know whose responsibility it is to inspect cars when they are in accidents - the insurance company or the body shop??

What a pain.
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