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I was hoping to hear from a late year '94 '95 W124 owner regarding this issue. Since I didn't and since I haven't been able to locate another '94/'95 to inspect I called 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES and asked. They stated that the W124 was the last chasis to have these stickers on the body panels and this practice has STOPPED as of 1996 with the W210 chasis (unfortunate for us used vehicle shoppers). I did not ask if there was some other method in place for 1996 and on.

I only buy used cars and I feel these VIN stickers are the only way to guarantee an accident/damage free car. Carfax is not worth the money and will not guarantee the above. Reason, I was looking at a '95 E320 Wagon which Carfax stated was a one owner accident free true mileage car. Upon inspection, I could only find one VIN sticker (tailgate) which had been obviously painted around. There we no others on the car. They kept the one on the tailgate because you will see it when putting the license plate on the car. Someone had gone to great lengths to remove all evidence of the rest of them...

Of course when buying used the addage 'let the buyer be aware' goes without saying. Just watch out and don't completely trust a Carfax report.
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