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OK. After spending about 3 hours of quality time with my Xacto set and the TDC amplifier, I have removed enough if the silicon to see that I do not have any broken or weak solder joints on the printed circuit board. I'm now thinking one of the electrical components. Based on the clock issue, my first thought is the FRAKO capacitor. I would welcome any other thoughts at this point.

The capacitor identification on the top is weak, but appears to be marked "100/16 FRAKO T2." The only number I am uncertain of here is the 100 microfarad rating, as a large portion of the number is missing. Can someone confirm this to be correct? The clock capacitor, rated 100/16, was labeled "100/16 FRAKO P8."

I have posted a couple pictures of the TDC amp innards for those who are interested. They are at:

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