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Question One would suppose...

...that there is still a wheel bearing on the other side to have inspected vis-a-vis correct installation?

I presume the one that failed was on the "accident impact" side?

Re: the question as to what entity is responsible for inspecting a damaged vehicle, it would seem that there was at least an inspection/estimate written by the insurance carrier? The person who wrote that estimate and the repair facility that performed the repairs are both involved.

As I opined previously, the insurance company should be the one investigating this additional claim. If they totally FAIL to investigate they are, IMHO, exhibiting "bad faith" per se. If they just shrug you off and say they are not interested you have, potentially, another separate action to persue.

I personally don't consider a deer hit to be a "soft" hit. Did you run off the road? Speed at impact?

stevebfl has a perfectly valid point that all future problems will be "post-accident", but.... Was this problem accident-related?
That is what needs to be investigated. By the insurance carrier. That is their job and contractual responsibility.
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