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Originally posted by azhari

A million miles sure is a long ways off...but it's a start for me!

I will be looking into the front end due to some ride comfort issues (shocks are ok so i guess i gotta check the idler arms, ball joints, etc and may as well check the steering components while i'm at it, and renew stuff like the sway bar bushings, blah, blah, blah... ).

These cars have been fun to work on and are a really solid drive!

What's the model and year of your car?


Babybenz 1991 190e 1.8
late model 87 190e 2.3...
Next will be a 400 series, I buy them with around 100k on them. It will be the one to replace my wife's 5 year old minivan, which is already falling apart. I detest american made cars. 120k miles, and it rides like it's already over the million mile mark. I've had to replace basically the front end in the last couple of years, tires 3 times, aligned three times, just in the engine compartment--power steering pump, pulley, water pump(and you have to disassemble the engine to get that far), alternator, rack and pinion(sure it's not in the engine per se...) but you get the point. I got it because my wife needed a van for all of the kids and our work, and a windstar was the safest thing going at the time. I detested buying an american car, it was my first(well, there was this fling with a camaro in high school but it only lasted a couple weeks and then it was back to my rabbit). I just don't understand building disposable cars that cost such a ridiculous amount of money.
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