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i need to update my situation. after the full tank with the BG 44K was consumed, the rough idle came back. in addition, the engine now dies randomly at any speed. It would however recover by itself, sometimes, but other times I would have to restart it. It does restart all the time. now i am back to square one with the rough idle, and the engine cutting out randomly in addition. Fuel pump relay, and injectors, and rusted fuel lines seem to be the well discussed causes in this forum.

The fact that the idle improved when i used BG 44K tells me that it is injector related. The fact that the rough idle came back tells me that something is making my injectors go bad. Could it also be ignition related?

The engine cutting off/ and recovering tells me that somehow the fuel pump relay is defective or the signal triggering the relay is failing in ramdom. I recall one post mentioning about some other device that triggers the relay to let it know that it should turn on to start the fuel pumps. any ideas on this?

Any related leads would be appreciated.
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