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300E high idle after running, normal on restart...

Hi All,

I've searched this topic, and saw several folks who did expensive parts swaps to fix similar problems, I however, don't have that luxury at the moment, so here goes...

My subject line says it all. Most times from a cold start, the car warms up normally, settles into a normal idle of 6-700. But I drive 4.5 hours 2x a weekend, and after extended runs, I notice the idle hovering around 1200 when I pull into a gas station. A quick turn of the key to kill the engine, and then a restart fixes the problem, back to a 6-700 idle.

This also happens during my daily drives, 10 minutes and more, so it's not exclusive to my hour long commutes.

What is turning off the engine, only to restart it right away, doing to correct this problem? Hopefully, this explanation will stir some memories...thanks everyone.

Pete B somewhere in Florida
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