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The only other thing you might check before changing the battery is to see that there is no engine off current drain. If you don't have an ammeter, even a low current ammeter on a multimeter would work. If you have an ammeter place it in series with the apparently fully charged battery and see if there is any appreciable current drain with the ignition switch and everything off. I would be concerned if there was over about 100 to 150 milliamps. You can check by looking for a spark when touching the battery cable to the battery in pitch dark with everything turned off. There is risk involved in doing this, because if you're battery is in bad shape, it can explode with the introduction of a spark. This is a remote possibility.

If you find no current dran, do yourself a favor and REPLACE THE BATTERY!

If it's making 13.7V with engine running, measured at the battery, the charging system is working. Many alternators, depending on battery charge state will not increase voltage when engine is revved up. This isn't a '56 Chevy with a two brush generator. One of the big reasons which led the manufcaturers to alternators over generators was their ability to charge the battery at idle speed.

Change the battery and relax, Good luck,


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