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Lemme see, m112 problems.


Oil consumption (change the oil every 10k with mobil1, it'll be fine, every one I saw using oil was run on dino for the first 30-40k)

Some of 'em shed rubber off the countershaft (jackshaft) pulley, seems to be related to the dino oil thing.

Very sensitive to water in the fuel as they are "returnless" fuel systems. (the regulator and return is way back at the fuel filter)

Occasional oil leaks from the timing cover bolts, oil level sensors and sub pan.

I had one (and only one) that had been assembled at the factory with too much sealer in it, it was shedding and plugging the rocker shafts. (98 c280)

Overall pretty bullet proof car.

w210 issues in general

Rear window regulators.

Washer level sensors.

Switch groups (window switches)

Brake light switches

Evap temp sensors.

All and all the 98-00 210 car is among my favorite cars both to work on and lust after. (I drive this big Dodge diesel, cant keep a 124 wagon to save my life)

I see no reason a 210 shouldn't make the 300k mark with decent care and reasonable expense. As far as the 722.6 we recomend service intervals of 60K and stoping the car before changing directions ( as in with the brakes, not the trans)

On the subject of the Lexus, nice car, nowhere near the quality engineering of the Benz. (afterall at least most Benz products dont need thousand dollar IC's every 75k like most es300's) The maintence is also higher as you have a timing belt vs a chain, valve covers that leak into the plug wells requiring intake removal to replace, VERY expensive injection parts and more frequent service intervals. Not to mention the fast depreciation.

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