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Having read some past postings about checking the tranny, I am curious as to what people mean when they see bubbles on their dipstick. I know it has to do with tranny over fill. But exactly how do these bubbles look like? Are they white and look like foam? Soapish? Are they scattered or bunched up? Are they found at the tip of the stick or at the MAX mark?

Reason I ask is because I just checked my tranny fluid today (running, PARK, after driving on the freeway for 12miles) and I could not get an accurate reading! seems like midway between the MIN and MAX mark, fluid goes past MAX on one side while the other side has no fluid. I know someone experienced this before, don't remember who. The fluid looks pinkish, smells like tranny fluid, and I don't see anything that resembles "bubbles." Basically everything looks fine and car shifts properly. I'm just frustrated :/
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