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Originally Posted by ROLLGUY View Post
I thought it was Platinum Blue from the photo (the color of my car), so I guess we don't have the same color car. I would expect the darker color interior in a grey, silver or black car.

Ours is platinum blue with a light grey interior.

I know of two others locally, one belongs to a MBCA member and the other a MG club member, both are platinum blue with grey interior as well. Both bought new...... Funny how we 3 all ended up with the same color/year/engine.

We bought ours from Tyler in '13, with 169K.
Currently at 210K and running great, my daughter is driving it now that we have the '14 BlueTEC.

The only significant problem we've had to deal with was the "black death" injector issue that was present when we bought the car. I picked up the tool for the fix, biggest headache was the black goo that filled the front half of the head cavity.

Also, if you plan to work on one of these yourself, you need to invest in the SDS/Xentry computer. Not cheap, but a must have! Makes diagnosing much more pleasant

14 E250 BlueTEC black. 45k miles
95 E320 Cabriolet Emerald green 66k miles
94 E320 Cabriolet Emerald green 152k miles
85 300TD 4 spd man, euro bumpers and lights, 15" Pentas dark blue 274k miles
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