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I don't know if FastLane has them - I bought mine from Mercedes - if I remember right it was about $125.00 CDN. Changing them is very straight forward - only problem for me was getting the approximately 8 foot line over the rear suspension as I did not have the clearance from the ground to manouver it over the suspension. If the car was on a hoist it would be no problem. If I had the car on a hoist the whole job would have been 1-2 hours tops instead of the 4-6 hours trying to get the line up top of the suspension without damaging or kinking the new line. Don't replace your injectors. Instead if you are unsure of their spray pattern - have them checked. But I would leave that until the lines are done. Why would you want to clean out your gas tank??? The fuel filter at the rear of the car does the job of filtering the gas from the tank. The suspect fuel lines are AFTER the tank and the rear fuel filter so cleaning the tank would be a waste of money. Oh by the way - the reason the one line was so expensive(ABOUT $95 cdn), if I remember right was because it had a braided section at the end that connects in the rear - otherwise standard fuel grade steel tubing with the proper flared ends can be be bent to fit for the other lines. Unscrewing the support clamps under the car and disconnecting the lines are as hard as it gets. DON'T FORGET TO PLUG THE OUTPUT OF THE FUEL TANK BEFORE YOU START!!!

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