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hmm, well, the problem is worse than I thought. It did the same thing this morning at 30 degrees on a cold engine so temp doesn't matter. The car will start on the first or second try, idle for a bit, and then do it's bucking bronco routine. The rpms drop, the engine makes a loud hissing and it comes near stopping. Often if you do not apply the throttle it will stall out. I took out the ignition control valve and cleaned it with about a can of WD40, a very slight exageration, to no avail. I have techron in, but filled it up before I put in the Techron. I will wait till its got a quarter tank and dump in another two bottles. I am 17 and not rich enough to own this car, so anything I can do on my own would be of great help. Haasman, I will try bleeding the injector lines if I can figure out how. Thanks for the info all!!!
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