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General Q's

Some general Q’s

1, I’ve just upgraded my wheels to 18”x 8.5” with 255x45x18 tyres.
The steering now feels a little “twitchy”, is this because of the tyres being so wide that they are following the groves of the road.

2, Brakes – Last week I changed my front discs + pads at a local Merc garage.
I now get a faint squeak when I brake or when I turn the car. Is this due to the new discs?

3, Boot sensor – I have an electric boot release on my remote, however it does not appear to be as effective as my c/l activation button. Is there a particular area on the car where I need to point the remote for the boot release?

4, Fuel gauge – When the needle goes into the red and the light comes on, the needle gets very temperamental. Some times it shows flat bottom of the gauge, and some times it shows at the top of the red part. Is this normal for it to swing so much in the red area?


1998 S280 UK W140
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