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Well, I am also a fan of Castrol GTX oil. I use the 10W-40 grade in all of my cars except for the BMW and the 380SE. In those two I use Mobil 1 10W-30 full synthetic. It's very important in cars with turbos (especially gasoline-engined ones) such as my BMW to use a high quality synthetic oil to prevent coking of the oil in the turbo bearing housing. Another benefit of synthetics is their higher lubricity which means they pump faster at startup and in cold weather. My 300SD is my daily driver, and at 183,000 miles it's still running great and has had Castrol GTX used in it basically since it was new. Sure, synthetics offer excellent protection, and if you drive hard (or don't drive often) they're great, but these older cars were designed to run using dino oil and many have traveled many hundreds of thousands of miles using it. I always refer back to the famous million mile 220D. It ran 902,000 miles on it's original engine using dino oil. Not too shabby!

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