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E320 or E430 ; 2w vs 4w

I'm am looking at getting either of the following.
9'9 or '00
E320 or E430
2 W or 4matic.

After looking around, I think the 00 E430 4matic would be for me because of the V8, 00 improvements over 99 and the AWD because of snow. Its a little more expensive that the 320, but just by a little? right?
I had the pleasure of driving a awd during the blizzard (i live in lower ny) and was happy to see it zip up my hill to home without a problem. I usually throw chains on my 95 c280
I must have more HP. I could probably get by with the extra hp of the 320, but the 430 zooms. Most of my driving is highway, I do love to do sprints on my RT 684 straightaways. With that said and done, I also have to look at the return on investment.
The 430 eats gas, and I do 100 miles per day at 70-80mph and the 320 is a little less expensive, but is doesn't seem to be that much of a difference to justify missing out on the V8.
So, Is there anything I should stay away from? On preference? Whats all your expert advice and personal opinions?

Help and Thanks.

David Weis
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