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These "oil" threads seem to draw alot of comment. Oh well.

Larry Bible and I subscribe to the same school of thought - change it often and ABOVE all, change it HOT.

I'm not a Benz expert, but I have taken 2
inexpensive Japanese cars to 550,000mi.
I live in south Texas and run a good 20W-50 dino oil. I tried the "mostly" dino and "partly" synthetic thing in the Benz awhile back and the oil consumption went up.
I experienced oil loss also in a '95 Isuzu Rodeo using pure synthetic. I'll never use synthetic again. I change the oil in my Benz every 1,500 mi. and I do so when it's HOT.

I realize alot of folks prefer synthetic and I'm NOT trying to stir up a fuss, just expressing my opinion.


I've been doing this for 35 yrs. and it's served me very well.


Mike Murrell
'91 300-SEL
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