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as a good newbie, i did a search and it brought me to this thread (and a couple others). my girlfriend's cousin is flat out sick of her 1994 E420 because it just stalls at random. she even GAVE it to her kids (30 somethings) and they don't want it.

so, from what i gather, i should first clean the throttle body. worst case is that i need a new throttle body. the car only has 29,000 miles on it. in a post, it says that the computer was not properly calibrated from the factory. does this cause the car to stall or just run rich? i hear chip talk going on here. this seems like a far cheaper idea than a reflashed ecu. or can i give my ecu as a core and get a "corrected" ecu pretty cheap?

wouldn't a rich running car eat O2 sensors and converters like no tomorrow?

can i get an aftermarket maf that could be calibrated to adjust the rich condition? we ford guys have pro flow, i even have on on my SHO.

i am learning that all cars are fairly similar. being this mercedes E420 and my SHO are both pre-0B2 (pre 1996), we have a lot in common. on my SHO, erratic idle can be caused mainly by the idle air bypass valve. it's a mechanical spring loaded sensor that continuously adjusts idle for smooth operation. problem is that as it gets old, the spring gets out of whack which results in erratic idle and stalls. i know my gf's 1997 audi A4 has an IAB, does this mercedes?

does this stalling problem result in erratic idle (jostling 250 rpm or so until stall) or does the car just flat out stall. if the car dies out of nowhere, can it be the cam position sensor or the crankshaft position sensor?

i am very eager to hear your responses. i sure hope i can nab this car as my SHO now has nearly 123,000 miles on the clock. time for a new sled.

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