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Red face bye to my first benz

I would like to comment about how this site has been very helpful to me, very knowledgeble people,talented mbz techs etc.......I had just finished replacing the head gasket on my 300e and had a couple more things to fix. I cannot believe how this car feels for a 11 year old car with over 200k. I am an apprentice honda technician and have worked at the honda dealerfor two years, I test drive cars all day long ,none of these hondas even come close to a benz. sad to say some POS stopped right in the middle of the intersection and totalled my benz. I will wait for the insurance company on their decision, but not fixable. This is a great forum, hopefully someday I wiull return, but for now to depressed to browse thru this sight. Enough with my sorrows,anyways keep up the good work !
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