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Old 08-16-2000, 10:55 PM
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Perusing the posts I have gotten a good idea how the pushbutton unit/monovalve system work, but some conflicting posts have me confused.

Basically, I understand that the monovalve is in the open position all the time, until the A/C button is pressed, then the monovalve closes, shutting off the hot water flow and thus the heat.

Now where I get lost is if the monovalve recieves power all the time to keep it open, and the A/C button cuts this power off, or vice versa, does the monovalve close when power is applied to it thru the A/C button?

Basically I want to test the power cable leading to the monovalve to see what the readings are. What should I look for? I am assuming power unless the A/C button is pressed, is this correct?

Also if someone could give me a ball park on what the monovalve does cost...

It's a 87 300E.
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