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Adventure in Moving

I would check around the yellow pages to see what it would cost to get a hitch welded on. U-Haul rents big, clumsy hitches for a whole lot less than installing one. You will also need a light hookup to be legal. U Haul will sel you this too, and install it. The U Haul guys never LOOK very competent, but I have never had a problem with their wiring or connecting hitches.

If I had a hitch, the next step would be to check some professional installers or in a small town, a muffler shop, to get it welded or bolted on.

Some mechanics get all ticked off if you bring in your own parts. I have found the following tale helpful: "My brother-in Law promised to help me with this, but he is (sick/ left town/ ran away and joined the Circus/ ran away and joined the marines): can you help me, please?" It was a true story once. I never realized how universal the brother in law who welches out is.

Picking one up at a junkyard might be the cheapest way to go, and pull the trailer wiring harness, too, while you are at it.
There are two sizes of hitch balls. Ask U Haul the dieameter of theirs and if you buy a hitch, buy the correct one.

Several years ago I bolted a two-piece hitch I purchased for a dollar in a yard sale on the bumper of a 1984 Buick Regal and towed a roomful of furniture in U-Haul's next to largest trailer up to Georgia for my daughter. When I went to return the trailer, the guy looked at the hitch and told me "I'm not gonna let you out of here with that thing: it won't tow it a mile".

I told him, "I just towed this thing loaded all the way from Miami, that's over 800 miles without a problem".

Actually, I had a recap blow out on me, and it was a little hard (45 minutes) to get the trailer back on the hitch, particularly on the side of the Interstate.

He spent the next five minutes shaking his head as he finished the paperwork.

That poor old Buick had a 3.8 liter v-6 and would slow down to 40 going up those hills S of Atlanta.

Good luck and safe trip.
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