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thanks joe! i had to read your post a couple of times to get my hamster brain to comprehend

in the worst case, i would have to replace the throttlebody, the short harness, vent hose and the separate ecu, correct?

in the best case, i just clean the the EA? will this be a recurring situation every 25k miles or is there a permanent fix? if no fix, then i better learn how to do this procedure myself, eh?

lastly, what's this stuff i hear that the ecu on these cars runs to rich from the factory. is this true? if so, will this have adverse affects on the car? what is the "rich" a/f ratio typically? can i leave it alone, or have a chip burned on a dyno with a wide band O2 hooked up?

i love cars. if/ by some chance/ i get this thing, i'm not one to cheap out. just look at all the money i dumped into my TAURUS

oh yeah, how stout are these trannies? i come from the world of manuals. i know ford automatics are really bad. the fwd autos can die in 65k. the rwd, liekethe mustang, are typically 100k. still not that great.

we shall see. if this car falls through the crack, is the E420 a good car to keep an eye out for? about a year ago, i was looking to buy an MB 560SEC. man, that's a lovely car! i ended up holding off due to i got cold feet about buying a 15 year old mercedes.

see ya,

Originally posted by joe p
Tell the kids to give it to me.

The EA's (or throttle slides as MB calls 'em) Will gum up, get twitchy readings from the refernce sensors and such, get a qualified tech who is familar with this system to check it out. The short harness on the EA will also go feet up as will the engine harness in general. There also is a vent hose on the r/h valve cover of the 119 the will go bad causing some weird issues as they collapse. (this hose leads straight to the base of the ea)

94 should run a seperate ECU for CC/ISC/EA called E-GAS.

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